Our Equipment

The Lark

The Lark is the smaller of our two barges. This 8’ x 26’ steel barge was purchased in 2006 and is a great addition to our fleet. It is capable of hauling 10,000 lbs. We use this barge mostly as a small hauling vessel to get supplies to the islands, making it a cheaper alternative to the larger platform. We also use it as a work stage for dock construction.

The Madison

The Madison is a 20’x 40’ sectional barge, which is the muscle of the fleet, capable of hauling over 100,000 lbs. Brand new to us in 2008, we expect to get many years of service out of this great vessel.

CAT 313BSR Excavator

This is our work horse. Septic installations, pile driving, breakwater construction and dredging can all be accomplished with this machine. Our CAT 313BSR excavator has all the needed attachments, including a plate compactor and a thumb. The plate compactor makes driving piles an easy task. The thumb provides versatility and makes breakwater construction and repair more efficient.

Kubota KX-027

This mini excavator is an excellent device for accomplishing those smaller jobs.

Dive Boat

Our 30’ Sisu dive boat provides us with a great work platform for large mooring fields or hauling expensive cargo.


We have two 24’ pontoon boats for getting small loads out to the islands fast and easy.

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