Mooring Services: Installation, Removal, & Inspection

We currently install and service over 300 moorings per year. Mooring blocks range from 240 lbs. to 2000 lbs. The size of the mooring block that you need is determined by two key factors: the size of your boat, and what type of exposure the mooring will face. For example, in a cove setting, a 1,000 lb. mooring block may be appropriate; however, the same block would be inappropriate in The Broads.

Draw on our years of experience, from design and layout of a single mooring block, to creating an entire mooring field. Our mooring services are complemented by the certified diving staff here at Northeast Dock and Barge. Contact us with your specific needs.

Other Services Available:

  • Mooring Relocation service
  • Chain inspection
  • Ball Replacement (we stock a full line of mooring balls at our Wolfeboro retail location)

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